Development center for sensory integration “Ray of Light”, opened in November 2016. We are supported by: Marina Targakova, head of the Kazakhstan Center for Human Pedagogy, Marina Raushan Beydaliyevna, doctor of psychological sciences, professor, sensory integration therapists, our partners from Poland are Robert and Agnieszka Lemanski.o.

Our center specializes in working with children with autism (RAS), ZPRP, ZRR, ADHD, sensor-motor alalia and other developmental features. And as there are groups of preparation for school for normative-developing children.

In our work we use a non-directive approach. That is, we find an interesting activity for the child (based on his sensory needs), and motivating him – we bring in contact! Inside the contact and stimulation of sensory analyzers, work is carried out on the development of higher mental functions (attention, perception, memory, thinking, logic and speech), the development of physical abilities (coordination of movement, small and large motility, normalization of muscle tone, etc.) Instructions, and also, the behavior and social skills are corrected with the help of group games.

The second most important task of our center in addition to working with children is the training of specialists. There will be qualified specialists – there will be successes in children! And even the best sensory room is nothing without a specialist who will teach the child in it. The attitude of the specialist to the child (and to the parents) is very important in working with children, in addition to knowledge and experience. The specialist should have such qualities as: spontaneity, good nature, cheerfulness, patience and diligence, honesty and openness, research interest and diligence – after all, working with the child, he passes all these qualities to him, showing his status as an example for imitation.

We regularly hold seminars to improve the skills of specialists in various areas: neurophysiology, psychology, training of contact and communication, humane pedagogy, etc.

In addition, our center holds classes for parents, where you can get answers to many questions that interest you. For example, how to raise a happy child? After all, this is the main goal for any parent. And the teachers of the Brant Center and humane pedagogy are helping us to find answers to these questions, the author of which is Shalva A. Amonashvili.

Humane pedagogy is not a science, it’s an art. This is something that is always associated with feelings, not with technology.
“One must believe in the boundless possibilities of a child”
“Respect and assert his personality”
“We need not to educate children, but ourselves, and children to transmit images through their inner world”
“We need to develop in ourselves an unconditional love for the child, because he loves you unconditionally”
“A child always has a passion for growing up, development and freedom, and our task is to help him in this”