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Robert and Agnieszka Lemanska at Luchsveta

Dear friends!

May 10-19, 2017

We meet in our center “Ray of Light” long-awaited specialists

From Poland – Robert and Agnieszka Lemanska –

Special educator, speech therapist,

Therapeutist of sensory integration;

Owner and founder of the Kleks Center in Warsaw, collaborates with the universities of Warsaw, conducts didactic classes for students of the Academy of Special Pedagogy.


M.Gzhegozhevskaya, Humanities and Social University, the University of Cardinal Stefan Vyshinsky. Experience working with children in the autistic spectrum for about 15 years.

To write the child for diagnostics by sensor integration you can by phone +77071053083; +77773586959

The cost of diagnosis is 250 euros (2 meetings + individual development program)

And also we invite you to the seminar (May 13-14) on the topic “Training of contact and communication with children of the RAS of preschool age”

The cost is 80 euros

Limited number of seats!


1. The triad of autistic disorders is a functional characteristic of children.
2. A non-directive approach: what and how?
3. Education for contact and communication in the therapy of children with autism:
– eight channels of communication
– eye contact
– joint attention (observation)
– mark the initiative of the child
– change of actions
– Motivation for communication and interaction
4. Stereotyped forms of behavior – therapeutic strategies based on therapy Sensory integration
5. Provocative behavior – therapeutic behavior.
6. Work on the development potential
– from play to training
– work to motivate the child.

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