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They lit the “Ray of Light”

They say that people invent / discover something when they themselves need it, but the world around them can not give it. The story of Leila BAYRAMOVA and Amina ERMUHAMBETOVA is about this. They are both mothers of sons with autism spectrum disorder.With their children, they passed all possible courses, rehabilitation programs, methods of eminent doctors and psychologists in Kazakhstan and beyond: the boys had new skills for contact with the world, and
Moms are actually new professions.

Leila says: “The son gave me a new profession.” Realizing that it is necessary to go further in development, and to go abroad for rehabilitation is not always effective (for the result it is necessary to conduct systematic therapy for several months and sometimes even years), they decided to open their center in order to work out new methods and invite Foreign experts to help not only their children. Read all article link

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