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What is sensory integration and why does it frighten Kazakhstan teachers so much?

In Kazakhstan, there is not a single specialist in the world-wide corrective sensory integration. It is such a system that coordinates the vestibular apparatus, sense organs, self-perception. With the help of this technique, you can calm the hyperactive children, teach them to communicate introverts, adopt inattentive, clumsy and other children who are not like everyone else.

Sensory integration offices in the same Europe are just as common as a speech therapist and a child psychologist. But in Kazakhstan, there is one so far, and even then the mother of children with autism spectrum disorder opened it. They also invited the best specialists of this method of Robert and Agnieszka Lemanski from the center “Kleks” in Poland to the training training in Almaty. In order to have specialists in Kazakhstan in the future, the organizers sent an invitation to Almaty Pedagogical University. But there to send students to free courses with European psychologists with fifteen years of experience refused.

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